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Your Boudoir Experience

Here at KassieMarie Boudoir we understand that a photo sessions isn't an everyday occurance and that you will have questions 

What you see are 100% beautiful everyday women. Mothers, wives, grandmothers, and every single one of them is a divine goddess.

You do NOT need to

  • lose x pounds

  • get into better shape

  • have a significant other to gift the photos to...

You DO need to 

  • see yourself through someone else's eyes

  • pamper yourself

  • put yourself first once in a while

  • LOVE yourself

Booking Your Session

Booking your session is easy! Send us a message to set up a 15 minute consultation so we may answer any questions or concerns you have and we can get you scheduled right over the phone! Send us a message here!

Pre-Session Guidance

We will send over a lot of great information on how you can prepare for your session. This will include what to bring and everything you will need to prepare!

Arriving at the Studio

When you arrive at the studio you will be greeted by the photographer (me). Once inside you will be taken on a little tour of the space and we will lay out the outfits you have brought! 

Tip:If you are unsure on how to decide, bring a suitcase full of your favorites! We'll go through them together and choose the top 3 outfits for your session!

Always remember you don't have to wear lingerie! Bring all kinds of things, tanks, jackets, jean shorts or anything fancy. 



Krystal, our incredible makeup artist will be here ready to pamper you on the day of your session. All you have to do is sick back, relax and enjoy your mimosa while she create the look of your dreams! If you have a specific look in mind she can make that happen!

Your Boudoir Shoot

Yay! It's time! I know it can be a little nerve-wracking. But I will guide you through each pose and direct you from your head to your toes! I will walk you through facial expression, what to do with your hands, and anything else that may need adjustment. I will pose you in the most flattering poses for your body type and use the best angles and lighting to show you the Divine Beauty you truly are! Before you know it your nerves will fall away and your inner queen will come out to play! 

Viewing Your Photos

Wanna know the best part of viewing your portraits? There is no waiting, wondering or worrying about what your images look like! Immediately after the session we will take a short break so I can do a light edit and then we will sit down together to view your portraits. 

Once you have viewed your images we will go through them one by one to choose your absolute favorites and discuss how you envision displaying your artwork! 

Your Artwork

We have many different options for you to display your stunning artwork. We offer six different collections, multiple wall art options, plus so much more! From designer albums to acrylic and canvas prints to personal peep shows we offer something for everyone. 

All of our products are designed to last a lifetime and are printed on the the highest quality material to showcase your artwork in the finest way possible. 


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