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Meet The Photographer

My mission is to show woman everyday how DIVINE they truly are!

I have always had a passion for photography but boudoir is where my heart is at. Helping women overcome their insecurities and see the stunning, unique goddess they truly are is my purpose in life.

Let's face it. Life changes, we change. We get older, we have children, our bodies change, relationships come and go, we stop making time for ourselves like we used to.  All of these things can have an impact on women's self esteem and make them forget the fire that burns inside. Boudoir can reignite that fire. Boudoir can show you a side of yourself you never even knew you had. 

Helping women learn to love themselves and feel confident in their skin has always been my mission and I am so blessed to be able to do this through my passion in art and photography. I am grateful everyday that I get to go to work doing something I love!

 In my free time you can find me spending time with my kids and going on adventures. I love being outdoors and moving my body so whether it be hiking, riding four wheelers, being out on the lake or dancing I am always busy doing something.                                     


My true passion will always be boudoir photography though. The fulfillment I get from seeing the look on every beautiful woman's face when they see their portraits                                                   for the first time is beyond words. 

Let me help you find your inner Queen!

XOXO KassieMarie


Hair & Makeup
We love catering to each and every client and their unique personalities. Our make up artist designs a look specifically for you! Want to have a softer, more natural look with light waves? You got it! Want the complete bombshell makeover? Absolutely! We never do the same look twice and we can guarantee you won't recognize yourself!

South Carolina born and raised. Krystal fell in love with doing makeup at a young age. After years in the corprate industry she finally decided to take a leap of faith and follow her passion. 

Over the years she has done makeup for weddings, photoshoots, special events, and so much more! 

When she is not making women look and feel fabulous you can find her spending time with her three kids, or down in Charleston spending time with her father at the beach. 

Krystals mission is to make every single woman feel confident and beautiful. To encourage women to be powerful and fearless. Whether you want a natural look or a complete makeover this girl has you covered!

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