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10 Boudoir Outfits Every Woman Has In Her Closet!

One of the biggest question I get from ladies when they are booking a shoot is "What do I wear?" A lot of women have never worn lingerie before, don't want to wear fancy lingerie as that's not their style or don't feel like spending a fortune on new lingerie that they may only wear once.

Yes, we do have a client closet that all of our clients have access to but the thing most ladies don't realize is that you can make a sexy as hell boudoir outfit out of just about anything.

So if you have a shoot coming up or are thinking about booking a shoot and don't feel like shopping for new outfits here are 10 boudoir outfits every woman has in her closet!

1. A Flannel or Button Down

Button downs are a classic for any shoot! They can be paired with just about anything and always look stunning. You can pair it with your favorite matching bra and panty set, a crop top or even a pair of short shorts and boots.

Want to stay more covered? Pair a button down with your favorite bodysuit or teddy.If you are on the more daring side, grab your favorite thong and show off the girls in the best way.

Button downs are one of the most versatile pieces to bring to your shoot and the options are endless!

2. Leather Jackets

Another great option that is similar to a button down but most ladies don't think of is a leather jacket. Not only do they make you feel like a badass, they bring so much to an image.

Plus they can be paired with so many different everyday items! Throw a T-shirt underneath it for a more relaxed look or pair with a dark red corset top and a leather skirt to add a wow factor to your photos. If you want to show off your abs, pair it with a crop top and boy shorts.

Leather jackets are one of my favorites. Wether thrown over an everyday tank top or your favorite piece of lingerie, this is a great option for every boudoir shoot!

3. Dresses

Most of us have that sexy dress that we absolutely love but never feel like we have anywhere to wear it. Bring it to your photoshoot!!!

Dresses are going to accentuate so many different aspects of your body. If it's short it's going to show off your long legs. Low cut will make the girls look amazing and a body con style is going to be wonderful for showing off that peach like nothing else. Love your back? Bring a backless dress! Love vintage dresses? Bring it with you and we can add some old hollywood glam to your makeup!

When it comes to dresses the options are never ending. So think about what you love about your body and find one that shows off your favorite parts of yourself!

4. T-shirts

Aren't t-shirts great for any occasion!? They can be worn with literally anything so why not bring one to your boudoir shoot?

The poses that can be done with this option are some of the most fun to do. Wether you're pulling it down for a more subtle sexy or folding it under to show a hint of the girls underneath, t-shirts are some of the most casual but sexy looks you can go for.

Pair it with your favorite underwear, a pair of jean shorts or even cut some strategic holes in it for a more grungy look. This is an outfit everyone looks good in.

5. Jeans

Doesn't every woman have that one pair of jeans that she just feels amazing in? They hug your curves in all the right places, make your ass look fantastic and set off your whole outfit. Don't get me wrong, it took me a long time to find that one pair that finally made me feel that way but once I did I wore them non-stop. So if you feel like that wearing them, imagine how that confidence will come through in your portraits!

You can create so many different outfits with a good pair of jeans. From a crop top, your favorite bodysuit, your favorite lacy bra or going topless and using your arms you cover the naughty bits, the options never stop coming so don't sleep on this one!

6. Blazers

I will admit that this is one I had never thought of until one of my stunning clients brought one with her. I was hesitant at first as I did not think it was going to accentuate her curves the way I wanted but to say I was wrong is the understatement of the year!

The way a double breasted blazer snatches the waist, draws attention to the hips and shows off cleavage is something I would have never guessed! Leave it open with a lacy bra and underwear to show off that killer body or ,if your like me and prefer not to show off your stomach, button it up to get that hourglass figure look!

7. Jersey's

I think everyone knows by now that jersey's are a great option for boudoir. Wether it's your favorite team or your significant others favorite it adds something special to the shoot as it brings something you love into the mix!

For this one I always recommend bring a pair of panties or tight shorts that match the jersey. Bring other props to go with it as well! Footballs, baseball bats, helmets. We can use them all to add a bit of sportiness to your session.

8. Tank Tops

If you grew up in the late 90's to early 2000's I know you probably still have a million tank tops in your closet! Why not add them into your photoshoot!?

You can choose to pair them with boy shorts, boxers, jean shorts, even a mini skirt! Tank tops are all around versatile. They help hold the girls up and can go with any outfit to add a casual vibe to your session. Want to be a little more naughty? Let's save it for last and wet it down for that peek a boo moment!

9. Cardigans / Sweaters

The amount of cardigans I have in my closet is probably verging on ridiculousness but they are one of my absolute favorite things for a boudoir shoot! You can do so much with them!

From using them as an added accessory to going nude or topless underneath, I love love love them on everyone!

You can pair them with lingerie, boy shorts and tank tops, corsets, jean shorts, literally anything and the casual yet sexy vibe they bring to a photoshoot is everything!

10. Your birthday suit!!!

Okay, okay. I know a few of you are saying to yourselves. I don't have any of that or maybe none of it is your personal style. That's okay! The one thing every single woman has is herself!

There are so many options for a boudoir shoot using just your birthday suit. We can use the satin sheets we carry. Maybe a lacy robe. Or how about a feather boa that covers just enough?

The whole point of boudoir is to embrace and celebrate the body you have. So what better way to do that then to show it all off!


No matter what you choose to bring to your session remember to have fun with it! Boudoir is meant to show off who you are! We want to capture your personality and your character. Not just your body. So wether you bring the sexiest lingerie you can find or your everyday t-shirt, choose outfits that make YOU feel good!

If you would like more information on our Boudoir Shoots click here to set up your complimentary phone consultation.

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